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Sober Living


Sober living communities are a new spin on the traditional halfway house when it comes to long term addiction treatment. Those who have gone through detox and inpatient treatment might not be ready to get back into the world without a little extra layer of support. This can be found in a sober living community, which can be practical and convenient for recovering addicts to come together and support one another. Sober living communities are commonly linked to treatment programs, and can be found in both New Mexico and throughout the country.

Sober Living Communities

Sober living communities are based on the structure of an inpatient care facility, but with more freedom for those living in this environment. Some might be working during the day, and others might be caring for the home and doing duties for the community. Everyone is expected to chip in, but these can be organic and set up when individuals enter a home. Practical education should be a component of sober living communities as well. This can be helping individuals find long term housing when they are ready for this, job training and counseling, and keeping support groups alive and a part of one’s care even after leaving a sober living community.

Sober Living Community Suppor

A Sober living community will most likely require that all individuals help out within the home, with tasks such as chores, cooking, and looking out for one another. This can help some addicts relearn what it is like to be a part of a community and a family in New Mexico. This positive work ethic will help individuals see what it feels like to be a part of something bigger than themselves and feel accountable for their actions in the home. Having tasks and responsibilities can also help recovering addicts channel the energy they used to put into addiction into something more positive and beneficial for others.

Depending on the level of addiction one faced before entering treatment, one might need to start from scratch when it comes to finding a living situation and becoming a productive member of society. Some addictions, such as heroin, can cause individuals to lose family ties and fall in with other users. Addicts might have lost their homes and jobs in the process of addiction, and these basic needs will need to be rebuilt, starting with sober living.

Benefits of Sober Living

During one’s time in a sober living environment, a benefit will be that counseling, support groups, and medical care can all be offered within one’s living environment in New Mexico. By having others in one’s living situation that are going through the same issues and steps involved in rehabilitation, a recovery addict will feel supported and have all of the care that they need around them. This supportive community is something that can provide a base for one’s future recovery as well. By having those to turn to when an individual might be feel like relapsing can make all of the difference. Support groups and sponsors can be set up in sober living communities and continued even when an individual moves on to a more permanent living situation.

Even after rehabilitation, roughly 50% of all recovering addicts will relapse at least once, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). This shows how often those who might complete inpatient or outpatient care still need a level of support and can’t just be expected to go back to their lives and remain sober without extra assistance. Sober living communities can add this additional support and transition for addicts going through recovery to rely on and hopefully strengthen their commitment to sobriety for the future.

Don’t Hesitate to Get Help

Don’t hesitate to call a specialist if you’re in need of information about sober living communities. There is hope for a better life.