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Partial Hospitalization


Partial hospitalization can be a successful program for those suffering from addiction problems. This consists of clinical care for addiction, but not in a full inpatient setting. If an individual is not in immediate risk of harming themselves and are on the road to addiction recovery, partial hospitalization can offer the care and stability that an addict needs, but they will be able to continue with part of their life while committing to focus on recovery as well. Partial hospitalization services in New Mexico usually have strict guidelines on times that an individual will need to report to their treatment program and partake in daily activities that will promote healing and sobriety.

Good Candidates for Partial Hospitalization

Depending on the type and level of addiction an individual is struggling with will give indicators on the level of treatment that is needed. Many times individuals struggling with addiction have fallen into this by masking mental health issues or emotional trauma. This can uncover an addiction illness that will need to be treated, and this can be done in a partial hospitalization setting. A therapeutic care component will be a part of partial hospitalization in New Mexico, and an individual will be expected to put forth energy in healing and working through their addiction and any other emotions that come up in the process.

For some, partial hospitalization will only be an option after detox or inpatient treatment is completed. Some individuals will need the intense surroundings of inpatient care first in order to be stable enough for partial hospitalization. The advantage of this is being able to return home and have the support of friends and family around them. If there are areas of an addict’s life aren’t necessarily supportive or bring positive energy to one’s recovery, an inpatient setting might be a better option.

Partial Hospitalization Program Goals

Partial hospitalization will expect a recovering addict to report to treatment up to seven days a week. Activities within a partial hospitalization setting will be similar to those in inpatient treatment. Working with therapists, counselors and various support groups in New Mexico, addicts will feel as if they have individuals counting on them and working together on the healing process. Practical advice and tools can be given as well, such as coping strategies and help with job placement and continued sober living.

The most important part of partial hospitalization is that an individual makes this a priority and takes their treatment seriously. Many programs are quite strict about coming to treatment on time and regularly, and those in a partial hospitalization program should focus on their rehab like one would for a job. Having support from others in one’s life to make this a priority is important as well, to help with motivation and keep an addict going back to treatment every day in order to heal.

Partial Hospitalization Aftercare

Partial hospitalization is something that can be effective, but isn’t something that is meant to be sustainable over time. Once an individual completes their partial hospitalization care, they can graduate on to either a less intense outpatient setting, or can work with their treatment professionals to set up a long term care plan. This might involve support groups and sponsors to keep a recovering addict connected and less likely to relapse.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) report on treatment admissions found that the two largest groups accounted for in admissions were those ages 25 to 29, followed by ages 20 to 24. This shows that a young adult popularity, straddling the line of starting their own families or hold close ties to parents are those in the most need to care. If these groups have a strong home environment that can provide care and support throughout a partial hospitalization program, this can be a success.

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