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Drug Addiction in New Mexico


Drug addiction in New Mexico is something that needs to be taken seriously, and those seeking out help need to have treatment options. When compared to other substance abuse issues, such as prescription drugs or alcohol abuse, sometimes street drugs are seen as more criminal. The thing is, those suffering from street drug addiction are just as deserving of help and treatment as other addicts. Treatment centers are available for those battling with any type of addiction, including street drugs.

Street Drug Addiction Statistics in New Mexico

If treatment centers in New Mexico can understand common trends when it comes to street drug abuse and addiction statistics, they will be better equipped to help this demographic. There are always different street drugs that rise and fall in popularity due to cost, availability, and locations. By offering more treatment options that are needed, this will help individuals seeking treatment and the communities that they are a part of.

While many overdoses are from prescription drugs, the severity of drug abuse and addiction within the state is clearly evident. Many times street drugs and prescription drugs can go hand-in-hand and are interchangeable when it comes to illegal drug use. Drug overdose deaths overall have increased by 59% in New Mexico since 1999.

The Trust for America’s Health (TFAH) found that only one in ten individuals with a substance abuse problem actually receive the treatment for this that they need. While this shows the need for more interventions and also awareness, this also can show how addiction in general can carry a stigma. This is unfortunate, but is a perception that is changing slowly over time. Those battling addiction are actually battling a disease, and should be able to seek out treatment without feeling like this is a bad thing to have to admit to.

Commonly Used Street Drugs

Street drugs are commonly described as those drugs that serve no medical purpose and are illegal. The most common types of street drugs today are cocaine, heroin and crystal meth. These drug have shown to be popular in both New Mexico, and throughout the country. This widespread availability can cause these street drugs to be taken recreationally, and individuals might mistakenly not realize the dangers and addictive nature of these drugs.

Cocaine is an expensive illegal drug that is often used recreationally. A fast acting drug that gives an individual feelings of euphoria and intensity, this wears off quickly and will need to be used again. This causes users to binge on cocaine, and can make the comedown even harder. Withdrawal from cocaine can leave an individual lethargic and depressed.

Heroin is a highly addictive substance that users can form a dependency with after one use. Many times heroin is injected, and is fast acting. The comedown from heroin makes an individual feel sick with flu-like symptoms. Users tend to quickly obtain more heroin in order to avoid this. Detox can be an intense process and usually will need to involve the help of medical professionals. Sometimes users will be given other opiates such as methadone to help wean an individual off of this drug.

Crystal meth is a newer drug than cocaine and heroin, and is widely available and not as expensive. The addictive nature of this drug can be devastating. Individuals will focus all of their attention on their addiction, and let commitments, family, and self-care fall to the wayside. Intense, inpatient care is recommended when it comes to treatment to fully rid the body of meth and learn to deal with cravings and triggers.

The Dangers of Drug Addiction

Illegal drug abuse can be more dangerous than other substances because these drugs aren’t regulated. It can be hard for individuals who are addicted to street drugs to know exactly what they are putting in their body. Drugs might vary in potency, and can possibly be mixed with other drugs or chemicals. The makeup of street drugs are every changing, and accessibility can change as well. If a user cannot obtain their drug of choice, they might mix this with other drugs, and can cause dangerous drug interactions that were unintended.

Street drug abuse leads to overdoses because individuals might not understand the dangers of a drug, or are willing to risk this because of their need to get high. Drug abuse can cause individuals to do things that they might not normally do otherwise, such as become involved in illegal activity to obtain money for drugs, or other behaviors that stem from addiction.

Treatment for Street Drug Addiction in New Mexico

Most treatments for street drugs such as heroin, cocaine, or meth will need to start with supervised detox. Addicts shouldn’t try to get through this step on their own. They will most likely end up using again, and if they are able to get through to withdrawal symptoms, these can be dangerous and a shock to the system without a process to wean the body off of drugs or with other medications to help.

Once an individual is physically free of drugs in their system, treatment can begin, which can include, therapy, support groups, and rehabilitative and restorative processes. If an individual that is seeking rehab for street drugs truly hit rock bottom with their abuse, reuniting them with their family with therapy and having a case manager to help with getting one’s life back on track.

Recovering addicts that are starting from scratch will need to have an involved aftercare process put in place. This will include a sober living environment where practical areas of living can be retaught and helped through guidance, such as job placement, dealing with any legal issues, and finding a place to live. Individuals will need a new support system either with other recovering addicts, professionals, or their families. This will replace the drug subculture, and keep an individual from falling back into old habits and possible relapse.

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